Data and Quality Management

In October 2014, OECOS Ltd. has introduced a formidable quality management system, which is continuously being revised, updated and as needed adapted to specific characteristics of individual projects.

OECOS Ltd. applies an efficient modern data management system to ensure appropriate administration, management and interpretation of the recorded and forwarded data. An essential component is an energy efficient Microsoft Small Business Server 2011, which was optimized by Thomas Krenn AG for safety and future performance. Consequently, our system commands a premium storage space for large quantities of data. The management of above average data quantities, especially those used for the analysis of annual investigations on environmental compatibility, has been tested and approved by several of shore wind farms under the StUK 4 directive. A virus protected and firewalled backup of all raw data will automatically be saved and protected from access from outside. OECOS Ltd. guarantees the confidentiality and a professional management of our clients’ data, which is located on our server and can be accessed by 12 modern client computers.

For professional acquisition, processing, analysis and presentation of spatial data, we apply a geographical information system (GIS) in combination with ArcMap 10, which allows simultaneous work to ensure an efficient and timely processing of the geo data set. Moreover, AutoCAD is applied for technical drawings on industrial standard.