Ecological construction supervision of high-voltage cable laying

In addition to Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) in the course of planning approval procedures, OECOS Ltd. has carried out diverse EIS on electric power network connections between offshore wind farms and terrestrial electric power distribution facilities (submarine and underground electric power lines). For the North Sea wind farm ‘DanTysk’ and ‘Nördlicher Grund’, such EIS were already carried out during the planning approval procedure. This happened in form of our own parenthesised-EIS, since an extensive underground electric power line connection includes an electric power network connection to the Baltic Sea wind farm GEOFReR. In the course of the legal emission control approval of the GEOFReE-line, OECOS Ltd. carried out the required EIS, the development mitigation plan and a species conservation assessment.

Professional ecological construction supervision ensures continuous and competent on-site counselling on matters of nature conservation during the construction phase of large scale projects. Furthermore, it guarantees a continuous attention to the interests of nature conservation as well as a continuous accounting of impact mitigation requirements, depending on the respective degree of intrusion. Thereby, such supervision also prevents unnecessary construction delays that may occur as a result of unaccounted details of nature conservation. On January 6th in 2012, 50Hertz Ltd., which is the Transmission Network Operator responsible for the electric power network connection of the German Baltic Sea wind warms, commissioned OECOS Ltd. with the ecological construction supervision for the laying of the marine-land intersection power cable of the Baltic2 wind farm. OECOS Ltd. attends to the construction works on dredging and cable laying ships with expert staff, has insight into the data of the technical monitoring and calculates the final account of the resulting impact mitigation requirements, which are required by the impact regulation under the law on nature protection that is part of the planning approval procedure. Depending on the type of nature conservation issue, OECOS Ltd. will conduct complementary FFH studies as well as species conservation studies and submit these to the approving authorities.