Impact Evaluation and Mitigation Management at the Onshore Windfarm

Windpark Werbig GmbH has set up three wind generators 1.4 km northeast of Werbig in the Federal State of Brandenburg. In the context of the approval procedure, OECOS was engaged to carry out a visual and ecological impact assessment, combined with an intervention compensation plan. In order to facilitate the site finding for wind power plants, the non-urban areas in Brandenburg were zoned into “suitability”, “restriction” and “taboo” areas. Nevertheless, the erection of wind power plants is always regarded as an intervention in nature and landscape according to the Nature Conservation Act of Brandenburg (Article 10 para. 2 no. 9). Interventions in nature and landscape are approved if they do not violate bans on protection area ordinances and if (a) avoidable interventions into nature and landscape are avoided, and (b) inevitable impairments are removed or compensated for within a reasonable period. The planning mission consisted above all in the completion of the pertinent specifications based on a thorough survey and assessment of the ecological situation.