Legal emission control approval in Schleswig-Holstein

In fact of the location in Hamburg, as a focal point of wind energy use, OECOS GmbH regularly carries out environmental impact studies, species protection and landscape conservation plans as part of the planning and construction of the onshore wind farms. These studies are required as documents of the emission-controlled application request. In the course of the renewable energy expansion, one of our clients intends the construction of three wind turbines in the district ‘Rendsburg-Eckernförde’ in Schleswig-Holstein. According to the list of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) compulsory projects of the Attachment No 1.6.3 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVPG), any wind farm with 3 to less than 6 wind turbines must perform a site-related, case-specific preliminary investigation before construction and operation can begin. Independent of the results of the preliminary investigation, the applicant has decided to compile an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) to determine the environmental compatibility. Furthermore, since wind turbines present an alteration to land form and use that can significantly alter the natural system and visual landscape, § 14 of the German Federal Act on Nature Conservation and Landscape Management requires development mitigation planning for this project.

In accordance with planning approval procedures of the German Clean Air Act, OECOS Ltd. has been commissioned to generate an EIS as well as a development mitigation plan on the basis of existing surveys and in-house mapping.