Analysis of Wind Site Development Potential at the County Level

Companies in the wind industry constantly try to find low-conflict locations for wind energy converters (WEC). Often a regional planning amendment must be obtained well in advance, since the regional planning designated areas are often already occupied. OECOS GmbH assists these companies in identifying potentially suitable areas in different counties. The resulting tests are significantly based on the requirements of the applicable regional plan in consultation with the client. The criteria for delimitation and evaluation of the area are always applied in consultation with the client as a catalogue of general avoidance distances which is mainly guided by the regionally specified recommendations for avoiding protection and land use conflicts and the OECOS team’ experience in preventing environmental damage.

OECOS GmbH has carried out potential analyses based on spatial planning standards and defined area categories for a possible use of wind energy in more than 100 counties in Germany. On the map at the bottom left you will find an overview of the German counties which OECOS has investigated to date.