Offshore Wind Realisation Forecast

Assessment of the Feasibility of Wind Farm Projects in the German Baltic Sea
The law on speeding up the planning procedures for infrastructure projects (lnfrastrukturplanungsbeschleunigungsgesetz) is meant to simplify the planning and realisation of different infrastructure projects. In conjunction with the Energy Management Act (EnWG), it stipulates that the transmission system operators are responsible for the timely connection of wind farm projects to the onshore energy grid. Therefore 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH is now responsible for all the grid lines of offshore wind farm projects in the entire German Baltic Sea. The 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH commissioned a group of experts in the fields of wind energy engineering, grid construction, finance, law and environment to perform an objective assessment of the feasibility of planned German Baltic Sea offshore wind farms projects.

OECOS GmbH participated in the above-mentioned group of experts together with the Kuhbier law firm and the following companies: IMS GmbH, De La Motte GmbH and Windguard GmbH. OECOS GmbH represented ecological planning, nature conservation and procedure-related aspects in this group. To make an objective and comprehensible complete assessment and deliver a neutral comparison of the individual offshore wind farms projects, the most important steps in each project were commented on, impact factors were determined and all facts were documented in a catalogue of criteria. In a further step, an assessment of the planning processes was carried out and justified in detail on the basis of the criterion catalogue.